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      BAADAM INFO SERVICES PVT LTD (www.baadam.com) is happy to present APP IN MINUTE TOOL as a gift to the Society for solving their software related problems. Our Company tends to create software products and services offering unique and value-adding solutions to fellow human beings, who are in pain of paying more for a simple application or a website making service.

      Mostly the market suffers from the high cost of application and website making and many of them does not even try to create their business application or website. App In Minute is a project to overcome these obstacles and provide solution to every small scale business’s app& web making problem, generate employment through various App In Minute services and help each and every business to be online and spread their business globally.

      For example, we noticed that making a simple Android Application or Website can cost you a fortune and can also take or months to develop it, so to solve this problem, we introduced APP IN MINUTE TOOL, one of the most exceptional DIY (Do it Yourself) Software tool where the customer can develop his own Android Application & Website in just 30-60 minutes with minimum efforts, which is absolutely free & at World's lowest pricing options, that will expand your business online and also help you to you’re your target customers rapidly over the internet.

Join this Digital India Movement and create your own Android Application and Website.

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